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“My volunteer was such a lovely lady, so kind with me and the kids. She is such an encouraging, respectful and amazing person. Thank you Home-Start from our hearts.”

A family supported by Home-Start Trafford, Salford and Wigan

Online or offline, covering miles and miles or staying on your sofa, there are many ways you can raise money for Home-Start Trafford, Salford and Wigan. Whether you raise a tenner or thousands, it all makes a difference and we’re here to support you in your fundraising idea.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we ask that you abide by all laws and government guidelines when planning and carrying out your fundraising. There are lots of creative things you can do to raise money whilst keeping to the current requirements. Here are a few to get you started.

Manchester’s iconic event returns to the city’s streets in May 2022 and Home-Start Trafford, Salford and Wigan will be there on the starting line to raise money to support families in our boroughs.

Set yourself the challenge of doing one thing for 30 minutes every day.

Get crafty and make things to sell online (for instance with eBay for charity or Etsy) to raise money for Home-Start

Hold an online quiz and ask your family and friends to donate to take part (download our answer sheets Home-Start Quiz sheet)