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“Home-Start offered amazing support for both my daughter and I, helping us get through a challenging time and manage our emotions to work better as a unit. They spent lots of time listening to me offload and I appreciated their time and effort in making me feel less isolated and turning around my mental wellbeing for the better.”

A family supported by Home-Start Trafford, Salford and Wigan

There is no such thing as a typical Home-Start family. We support all families regardless of gender, age, cultural background or religious belief. Below are two films that highlight two very different family’s stories and experiences of Home-Start. 

Joanna’s story- hear how Joanna reached out for our support after the birth of her twins, when she began to suffer from postnatal depression.

Ruksan’s story- hear how vital support from Home-Start was received by Ruksan’s as she dealt with the aftermath of fleeing domestic abuse. 

Told through the eyes of a little boy George, ‘Mum, Jenny and Me’ , highlights the impact a Home-Start volunteer has on his and his mum’s future.  

If you have watched our films and would like to reach out for some support, please contact us here