It costs around £1,500 to support a family for up to a year and we support 200 families each year. Your donation means we can support the next family when they are struggling. It is such a simple idea, parents supporting parents, but it really works. Felicia and David tell you how in their own words.

“Before Home-Start life was terrible. I felt so lonely. I felt so isolated. I had no confidence in moving out of the house. Because of Home-Start, because of [my volunteer] Angela, life is different now. I have confidence to do things that I couldn’t do before and I always look forward to her visit. Without Homestart I don’t know how life would have been. It could have been catastrophic.” Felicia, Home-Start Mum

“Life before Home-Start was challenging, myself and my wife were both working full time raising a family. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when my wife actually developed a long term health condition which meant she was in and out of hospital like a yo-yo. YOu never knew what the next day would bring. Trying to work full time and manage three kids was a real challenge. Hayley was searching for support online and she came across the Home-Start charity which not only supported Hayley but myself and my children as well. Thanks to Home-Start and [my volunteer] Wasim, I do feel now that I’ve got more confidence and I have the tools to carry on alone.” David, Home-Start Dad