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Parents supporting parents - a simple idea that really works!

Sponsor Us

Support from donations from individuals or businesses are essential for Home-Start Trafford, Salford, Wigan to continue helping vulnerable families with young children in Trafford, Salford and Wigan. To support one family for up to a year we need to raise £1,500.

Here’s how you can help:


  • Make a donation
  • Invite HSTSW to come and talk to your organisation about how they can get involved
  • Adopt HSTSW as your company’s charity of the year
  • Organise a fundraising activity such as a fun run or a quiz
  • Donate one hour of one year’s salary


  • Home-visiting volunteers typically spend 3 hours a week plus travel visiting a family
  • Help us attract more volunteers through use of your social media channels, internal communications or external newsletters.
  • Provide training facilities. We usually run 3 or 4 volunteer preparation training courses a year lasting 6 short days and need a room for up 20 prospective volunteers
  • Give your staff the time needed to volunteer, this helps HSTSW and provides your staff with valued personal development opportunities.


  • Can you help translate for families where English isn’t their first language? e.g. Farsi or Polish
  • Do you have skills in financial management?
  • Could you build some flat pack furniture, or put up a curtain pole?

Corporate Partnerships

We are actively seeking corporate partners to help support Home-Start Trafford, Salford, Wigan. If you would like us to come and talk to you about partnership opportunities and how your organisation can change lives please contact

Take a look at our partners page to see how others have made a difference.

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