Mansoureh, Ali, Artmis, Atrin and Yasmin’s story

Mansoureh visited a local advice centre to ask for help as she was struggling to cope. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had just started treatment, alongside coping with her husband’s personal battles and health needs, she had no family nearby to help. This is when Home-Start support was suggested.

At the initial visit with Home-Start Mansoureh explained how she needed help practically, after having chemo she had no energy so struggled to do things like cooking, housework, and activities with the children including home-work. She was also struggling financially which added to her worries and stress.

It was agreed that Yasmin, a Home-Start volunteer, would visit at tea time to help with homework. The Home-Start Coordinator also started to help the family too through identifying and then organising other forms of specialist support, such as MacMillian Solutions and Being There.

Yasmin managed to do more than home-work on her weekly visits, she also offered a listening ear for Mansoureh, who describes the help Yasmin gave as ‘moral support’. Mansoureh was able to talk to Yasmin about how all the treatment was making her feel, talking about the tiredness, the medication and the operation.

Yasmin and the Coordinator also supported mum to access 2 year old funding so that her youngest child could attend nursery, helped with paperwork and organising finances, such as applying for a discretionary housing payment.

At times Mansoureh found her daughter’s behaviour really upsetting, so Yasmin introduced a reward chart, which was a great success. Alongside continuing to play, do home-work and read, activities that some families take for granted.

Mansoureh said, “My Daughter loved Yasmin our volunteer, she listened and engaged well with her, she played games and read books when I couldn’t, she was funny and engaging we had lots of laughs”

Mansourehi responded well to all the treatment, and as part of the Home-Start ending process, Yasmin provided information and encouraged mum to plan ahead to access other services in the community, such as adult learning at a local college.

Mansoureh has now had the all clear, Dad’s health and personal battles are heading in the right direction and the girls are thriving!

About Yasmin

Yasmin loved supporting Home-Start families as a volunteer, so when a job opportunity arose within the HSTS team to become a Family Support Worker she didn’t hesitate to apply.

Although she was up against some tough competition, Yasmin was successful and now supports even more families within her new paid role.