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Join a community of monthly givers, and see the change you’re making to babies in the first crucial 1001 days of life.

How it works

You sign up to fund one or more Baby Bonds at £10.01 each a month.

100 Baby Bonds together make our 1001 fund – that’s £1001 a month (see what we did there?) to support families with little ones, helping them give their babies the very best possible start in life.

You get updates from our staff every month telling you all about the ways your Baby Bonds are helping babies to grow loving and nurturing relationships, building emotional well-being in the first 1001 days. A critical foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Help give babies the best possible start in life

Join now and help babies like Mi and Sara get the best start to life.

Choose your monthly donation:

  • £10.01 per month funds one Baby Bond
  • £20.02 per month funds two Baby Bonds
  • £30.03 per month funds three Baby Bonds
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What is so special about the first 1001 days of life? We’re so pleased you asked. Find out more here.

100% of your donation goes towards local families.

This includes the cost of making sure your donation is put into action, properly monitored and evaluated.

Your donation, together with the other bonds in the 1001 Fund, is split three ways each month:

  • A micro-grant fund for local families in need of essential items for their babies
  • Supporting families through Heather, Clare and Amanda, our Home-Start Coordinators, recruiting, training and supporting volunteers who visit families with babies aged under two in their own homes
  • Providing direct support to families when they need it the most in those crucial first 1001 days through our skilled and compassionate Family Support Workers, Yas, Liz and Annette

Of the money given by you through the 1001 Fund, 100% supports families right here in Trafford, Salford and Wigan. All the costs of our fundraising is covered by the Alex Timpson Foundation.

In your inbox every month

Every month we will send you an email telling you what the 1001 Fund and your Baby Bond has supported. Will you have given a family the vital stair gate that will keep their little ones safe? Have you helped to keep baby’s bum warm and dry with a delivery of nappies? Have you given baby a week’s worth of warm and nutritious meals? We’ll tell you how we have shared out the micro-grants.

We’ll also introduce you to one of our Family Support Workers (Yaz, Liz and Annette) and Home-Start Parent-Infant Mental Health Coordinators (Heather, Clare and Amanda) so they can tell you the story of the difference your support has made to families across our boroughs.

We make your money count

Sara and her Mum, Simona

Simona was pregnant with Sara when she heard that her partner would be unable to return to the family home for 15 months. Simona was suffering with depression, trying to cope in a small flat on the 12th floor with two children. All of Simona’s family and friends were in her home country, Czechoslovakia, and with Sara on the way, she was struggling.

Simona was introduced to Home-Start. Simona was offered a volunteer who visited her and helped her to prepare for the arrival of her beautiful baby girl.

“HSTSW support has been wonderful”, says Simona. “They have really helped me and my family get through this very difficult time. I feel less isolated and more confident, and although I am still very worried about what is happening with my husband, I feel that there is enough support around the family to help us get through it.”

Crucially, Simona is now stronger and happier, providing a loving home for Sara and her two boys, Yusef and Sabir.

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